10kap destinations

Stay local or make your travels count

Experience 10kap running and enjoy beautiful courses around the world with our 10kap destination races.


What are 10kap destinations?

No race coming up? No problem.

With our destination races you can get your 10kap whenever you are ready to go. Practice on your local course, get that first 10kap or start your streak. More courses coming all the time and please suggest a great course in your area if you have one.

Our destination races are a mix of classics in the big cities, hidden gems or unreal challenges for even the strongest runners. Curated by and for runners always looking for a reason to travel or a reason to run while traveling.

10kap Destinations

  • 10k nonstop

    Unfortunately we can not close our beautiful 10kap destination courses off for your exclusive use. But they have been curated and mapped so you can run without having to cross streets. From start to finish you can run an uninterrupted 10k on your way to your personal 10kap.

  • Local partners

    Often our 10kap destinations will be presented by local partners. They may provide a special service like a bag drop or other amenities. And sometimes they even sponsor a special reward. For details please check out the information on individual destination races.

  • Any platform

    We are not telling you what app or watch to use to record your 10kap. Course information and downloads can be found with each destination race. After your race simply upload your performance on the running platform of your choice and submit your result here. Should we not find your race result we will simply be in touch to clarify. Easy.