Tempe, AZ, USA


Embark on a run along the 10kap/Tempe course and be captivated by the enchanting landscape of the Crosscut Canal Multi-Use Path.

10kap Tempe destination at Crosscut canal multiuse path


Where Urban Meets Nature

Our 10kap/Tempe course is a harmonious blend of Tempe's natural beauty and urban charm. On one side, the canal's tranquil waters mirror the Arizona sky, creating a peaceful ambiance. Native plants and greenery line the route, providing a lush, vibrant contrast to the clear blue waters.

As the path winds through the heart of Tempe, the urban backdrop adds a dynamic edge to your run. The city's energy is palpable, yet it never overshadows the serene atmosphere of the canal.

This unique mix of environments makes every run a fresh experience, whether you're pushing for a new personal best or simply soaking in the sights and sounds.

And while you're absorbing the beauty of this route, keep an eye out – you might just catch a glimpse of Olympian Emily Sisson, refining her skills on the same path. Her presence is a subtle reminder of the course's caliber, favored by both elite athletes and casual runners alike.

10kap Tempe destination at Crosscut canal multiuse path

Course timelapse



From downtown Tempe follow Mill Avenue and cross the Mill Avenue Bridge. Go past E Curry Rd and find the trailhead for the Crosscut Canal Multiuse Path on your right. We are giving you a bit of an easier start: do your warmups or walk up the path to the start line at the water basin coming up on your left.

Follow the path uphill, turn right after Marigold Ln, then left behind the aqueduct. Once you hit the canal just follow the water. Doesn't really matter what side you run on or whether you cross bridges going out or in, just make sure you are on the west side so you can use the tunnel to go under McDowell Rd.

Once you hit Thomas Rd simply cross on the near side and follow the canal all the way back. For the home stretch fly down the path until you 10k just before or at the end of the trail. Did you get your 10kap?

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