About 10kap

Run. Age. Repeat.

Our purpose is to help you enjoy running healthy for a lifetime.

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What is 10kap?

10kap is based on a very simple idea:

Run 10k in fewer minutes than you are years old.

Age and repeat.


Why run a 10kap?

We are not getting any younger. And it is not getting easier to find a new challenge. Beating that PB you ran in college? That elusive sub-3 marathon? Or switching to ultras? Yeah, we're getting ultra slow...

So why keep running? Or better: For whom? For ourselves, right? So why not simply run against yourself or rather against your age? 10kap is simply a little extra motivation to keep at it. Something to train for before that next birthday adds another minute.

If you are younger, say 26, you might have realized that you would have to break the world record to get your 10kap/26. Relax, nobody is expecting you to and we all find our own path to our first 10kap. Some in our thirties, some much later, doesn't matter. Get going, start a streak and keep at it for the rest of your life.


How can I get started?

Find and submit a result from any 10k race you have ever run to start building your 10kap streak. Give us some time to verify and we will notify you that your first kap has been added to your collection.

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Will I get a medal?

No. We do not believe that the world needs more cheaply made medals or "finisher shirts". But if you want to celebrate, brag a little, and appreciate a sustainably made product, we do have a small selection of quality products available in our shop.