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The ultimate 10kap challenge, steeped in running history.

Magnolia Dr landscape


Run with the Buffaloes

Well, not actual buffaloes, but you are very likely to be passed by a group of runners from the University of Colorado, Boulder as they come to "Mags" for one of their regular sessions here. Reading all about it in Chris Lear's classic running book Running with the Buffaloes, may bring you here but it will not prepare you for how hard the altitude will actually hit you once you get going.

Magnolia Rd is classic Colorado dirt road running at the highest level, literally. Come prepare and rest assured that if you can get you 10kap here, you can get it anywhere.

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Magnolia Dr
Magnolia Dr

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From Boulder take Boulder Canyon Dr and take Magnolia road all the way up to the end of the pavement. You are now at 2500m altitude and may want to take a last deep breath before you get started. Hit the dirt, follow Magnolia all the way until you come up on Pine Glade Rd, take a left, follow Pine Glade, turn left on County Rd 68 for a little until you hit Magnolia again, turn right and head back to where you started. Easy 10k, right?

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