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We offer a not-for-profit license for race organizers, a digital platform for runners to keep track of and enjoy their 10kap journey, and activation opportunities for our marketing partners around the world.


Agencies and marketers

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Interested in activating 10kap for your client? Or would you like to develop 10kap for an entire market? Please be in touch and let's discuss how 10kap can play a role in developing your portfolio.


Your customers and your own people deeply care about health and wellbeing. And they are not getting younger. Talk to us about opportunities to use 10kap as part of your marketing or corporate wellbeing programs.


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    EU trademark

    10kap is now a registered trademark in the EU for Nice classes 14, 16, 25, 28, 35, 42! For more detailed information...

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    EU certification mark

    With the end of the opposition period our EU certification mark registration for “10kap” has been completed for Nice...

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    10kap is back and global

    The pandemic hit the global running scene hard. 10kap had originally launched in Hamburg, Germany. But with all...


race organizers

Standards & License Agreement


The following standards outline how 10kap races and race-in-race challenges work and what race organizers need to adhere to in order to use the 10kap certification mark:

10kap Standards Version 1.0 (10/09/2020)

License Agreement

Our basic non-exclusive and not-for-profit license agreement will allow you to host an independent 10kap race or a race-in-race based on the Standards published here.

Contact us to become a 10kap race organizer.