Boulder, CO, USA

10kap/Boulder Reservoir

Add a little challenge to a day on the water.


10kap/Boulder Reservoir

A run to the beach in Boulder?

We love Boulder Reservoir for a day of swimming with the kids or hours of paddling – if you can get a permit. Add a little challenge to it and earn a very special 10kap.

This is not Magnolia Rd but you are still at altitude and if you go out too fast the rolling dirt roads back at the end of the course might get you.


Full course video



Start anywhere near the swim beach and take full advantage of the excellent facilities there. Follow Reservoir Rd until you hit the dam. Follow the dam and stay on the trail until you reach Coot Lake. Pass the lake and then stay right to take the trail that goes around Coot Lake once. Now stay on the Boulder reservoir trail all the way to the West Trailhead. Exit left and follow the dirt road back to the Boulder Reservoir entrance gate. You should reach 10k shortly after and can head straight for the beach to cool off and celebrate your achievement.

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10kap/Boulder organic cotton T

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    October 11, 2022
    10kap/Boulder Reservoir